Supplication means to ask with humility in prayer. It is important to remember to give first to God what he deserves: Praise! Then you might consider asking for forgiveness and allowing him to cleanse you before you ask for anything else. It seems like the only times we really pray to God is when we need him do do something for us. Build a stronger relationship with him by respecting him, honoring him, and learning more about him. You will be surprised at his eagerness to love you back with his blessings.

There are several ways to think about prayer. Here are a few to help you get started on a good path to a healthly prayer life:


Adoration: Psalm 9:1-2

Confession: 1 John 1:9

Thanksgiving: Psalm 86:12

Supplication: John 15:7


Praise: Psalm 119:171

Admit: Psalm 139:23-24

Request: Matthew 7:7-8

Thanks: 1 Thess. 5:16-17


Praise: Psalm 135:1-3

Repent: Psalm 51:7-12

Ask: John 16:24

Yeald: Philippians 4:6-7

When you pray, you might consider praying for the following categories: Husband, Children, Home, Family, Friends, Church, Government, Financial, Self: Spiritual, Self: Physical, Self: Emotional, Self: Mental.

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